Hello. My name is Levi Bott and I’ve been clean since March 22, 2017. First off, I would like to say how grateful I am to be working with Building Beginnings!! They have helped me change my life. They have taught me how to live life clean and sober. They have taught me what recovery is all about and what giving back really means. They have also shown me what integrity means and how to live by it. They have provided me with an extremely safe place to live and work. They have helped me get my license and car back. They also gave me a place to live where it’s safe for me and my kids. When times get rought there are people I can turn to and look up to for answers. If it wasn’t for this company I can honestly say that I probably wouldn’t be clean today. I also wouldn’t have my kids in my life and I wouldn’t be graduating treatment on October 18, 2017. I would suggest any addict to come and work with us if they want something different and are ready to try something new.

  I never thought I truly belonged in this world. I felt left out, different, alone and hopeless. Life to me seemed to be a joyous place for most everyone else, but not for me. Mine was a dark place, any moments of joy seemed short-lived. Through the help of others who have come from the dark places I have been, and some willingness on my part, I now live in a life of light and joy. Today I walk with purpose. No more chained down with depression and despair. Together, with other people in recovery, I give back what was so freely given to me. To help others escape those dark places, and see the good things life has to offer. I truly am grateful to live the life I love today.

90 days ago I thought I would be in an out of prison for the rest of my life until I was admitted to the E.R. and almost died. Truth is, I was dead for years on the inside. Due to drugs and alcohol, I spent almost half of my life in jail, prison, and juvenile. I destroyed my family relationships and lost everything I had over and over again. I got sent to max prison time and time again after losing everything from going to prison in the first place. After my failed suicide attempt, I ended up in the E.R. weighing 155 pounds and had the medical staff keep shoving IV’s into my veins to keep me alive from malnutrition and dehydration. I decided to try to start a new life and take my second chance at life. Today I am genuinely happy and grateful to be alive. Thanks everyone and Building Beginnings who never gave up on me. Recovery is possible and addiction can be beat.

                    ~Dayne Keele

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